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Donate to obtain GoldenMariano, you can buy all kind of fashion item present in game and various items like Rune EXP, Vitality Potion and mutch more item that will help you to grow up more faster.

Comunity News

Welcome to L2Resolut

Welcome to L2Resolut, new server High Five chronicle. We will strive to make the server as fun as possible and make it remain non-pay to win unlike all private servers on the L2 scene. Join our community and brand your story on lineage.
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Hosting Info

Our server it’s hosted on:
Intel Xeon E5 2630,
Ram 16.0 Gb,
200Gb upload Bandwidth,
200Gb download Bandwidth,
OS Ubuntu 18.04

Lineage 2 private server

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  • Server Rates

    EXP: 5x

    SP: 5x

    Adena: 10x

    Drop rate: 2x

    Quest Exp: 1x

    Quest Skill Points: 1x

    Quest Adena: 10x

    Quest Drop Items: 1x

    Spoil: 5x

    Weight Limit: 1x

    Party EXP: 1.5X

  • Enchants

    Safe Enchant: 3

    Max. Enchant: 16

    Normal Scroll chance: 66%

    Blessed Scroll chance: 66%

    Elemental Max. Level: Level 7

    Elemental Stone chance: 40%

    Elemental Crystal chance: 30%

  • Basic Configurations

    Server, and Forum Time: GMT+1

    Buffs, Dances and songs Duration: Retail

    Buff Slots: Retail

    Dance and Songs Slots: Retail

    NPC Buffer Basic Buffs (without the 3rd class) , Duration: Retail

    Auto Learn Skills

    Auto Learn Loot

  • Donation

    Donation will reward character with “Golden Mariano” a non tradable value usable only for buy fashion and item exp rate.
    Custom skin will be added in a future patch.